Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms (2 Volumes)

Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms (2 Volumes)
Sybil P. Parker (Editor) | 1982-01-01 00:00:00 | Mcgraw-Hill | 2398 | Biology
Note: 1166 pages in the first volume and 1232 in the second one. Black-and-white illustrations.

This encyclopedic reference represents the first attempt ever to catalog all life on planet Earth, down to the family level of taxonomic classification. Hundreds of experts worked for several years to produce over 8,200 descriptions of the world's viruses, bacteria, plants (including the algae), and animals (the protista). Valuable references are listed at the end of each description. Much of the information in these volumes is otherwise available only in obscure journals, and some of it appears here for the first time. As you might expect in such a monumental undertaking, the work is not perfect -- some groups of organisms have been overlooked, and some descriptions lack illustrations -- but overall this is a fabulous refernece tool. The steep price puts it out of reach of most individuals, but every library should own this massive testament to life's awesome diversity.
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