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Struts: The Complete Reference (Osborne Complete Reference Series)

Struts: The Complete Reference (Osborne Complete Reference Series)
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In his new book, James Holmes, a Committer on the Struts development team, provides you with the first comprehensive treatment of Struts 1.1. His coverage begins with a comprehensive tutorial, followed by in-depth coverage of API, config files, Struts' tag library, and an entire section on end-to-end application development. He also emphasizes ways to handle Struts' most complex concepts including tiles, validators, security, and internationalization. Insider tips and techniques for making an amazing Struts application take you to that next level of manipulating this cutting-edge framework. Source code will be available online.

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I highly recommend this book, and will buy this authors Struts 2 book when it comes out.

After having completed some introductory Java programming work, I decided to dive into struts as I wanted to implement the MVC pattern in Java. This book helped me to achieve that without further referencing other material.

Everything I needed was in this book. The first couple of chapters outline the Struts framework using a basic (but not Hello World) example followed by an elaboration of the Model, View and Controller. The rest of the book simply builds on this example to demonstrate features. I only read the first few chapters and used the rest as a reference (I don't need Tiles for example).

The book is sparse in some ways, but it is all there. I had some tricky problems I wanted to solve and all the required information was in this book - although I did need to meditate on some of the examples to figure things out. Having said that some previous experience with JSP is useful.

Recommended, looking forward to October 24.

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Excellent, Clear Foundation of Struts
James Holmes's explanation of the fundamentals of Struts is very clear, thorough and specific. I am very grateful for the foundation he has given me.

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Deep basic introduction
Overall very good book for starters but don't expect here too much. Case study is well designed to cover most development scenarios presented in the book. However, it doesn't bother to explain how to use Struts with databases. This is a big disadvantage of the title. Besides of that if all the repeated descriptions will be removed the book might easily lose 1/3 of its weight. Nevertheless, this is not a bad book and I'll keep it as a quick reference for some while.

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Great introduction to struts, good reference
Overall a well written and lucid introduction to struts programming. Struts:TCR needs a better index to be a truly great reference book, but I would still recommend it to anyone starting out with struts.

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Can't go wrong with this one
This book presents the technical information in a straight forward and organized manner that is useful to a first time Struts user such as myself. The first portion does a fine job to describe what Struts is used for and how the pieces fit together and the second portion is superb raw reference material. Great combination.

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