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A Sound of Thunder (Tale Blazers)

A Sound of Thunder (Tale Blazers)
Ray Bradbury | 1900-01-01 00:00:00 | Perfection Learning | 41 | Children's Books
In "A Sound of Thunder", Time Safari, Inc. offers the greatest hunting trips ever--any year, any animal. But they don't guarantee you'll come back, or what you'll find if you do. And in "Night Call, Collect", who is harassing Emil Barton, the last man in the universe? After decades of waiting on Mars, these twisted phone calls could kill him! Winner of a Peabody Award.
'A Sound of Thunder' and 'Night Call, Collect' are the two short stories that have been dramatized here. Originally part of the 'Bradbury Thirteen' radio series from 1986, these radio dramas have become very difficult to find. Here they have been re-released in a nice protective package. These productions (of which there are five other releases from D. H. Audio) are of the highest caliber you find in modern or classic radio dramatizations alike. The stories are science fiction classics the like of which only Ray Bradbury can deliver. They will both frighten and thrill you with their brilliance. I am glad to see them available once again.
Unbelievably good, with a shocking conclusion. Ray Bradbury is already a name well-known in the Household of Good Fiction, but he outdid himself with this one. Superb reading from a great author!
The smallest action can do a lot in the longrun. That is what the book, "Sound of Thunder",

portrays. In it, four men go back in time to the prehistoric ages to kill a dinosaur for sport. The

organizer made sure that all precautions were met so they would not change any future events.

One of them stepped on a butterfly, and when they got back they found that the human race has

changed due to the death of one butterfly millions of years ago. The language changed, and

their way of thinking changed, all due to what is called the "butterfly" effect. Which goes a little

something like this:

A butterfly flaps its wings, which causes the wind to change direction a little, blowing pollen

toward the direction of a rhinocerous. The rhino sneezes, startling a nearby herd of zebras, and

cause a stampede.

It goes on. You get the idea. Ultimately, you'll find that the story is very well constructed.

I read the book, "Sound of Thuder," for English class two years ago. I was assigned to do a

presentation of it. It was the only one, out of sixteen, short stories that I actually read for that

class, because I could not stop reading. For months, I thought as if my actions would someday

cause a big change such like the butterfly in the story. Yesternight, I was laying on my bed,

remembering the story, and since it was short, I figured maybe I can get a copy off the internet. I

found this site instead, and wanted to comment on it. It was excellent. I loved it, and I hope to

read more stories such as this, as I look forward to my senior year in high school.
This Bradbury classic is a very great way to keep a person of any gender and of all ages entertained. That is if your into sci-fi thrillers that have to do with side effects of time travel. It's not very long and it is extremely easy to read. It is full of great action and suspense. It is a great story to also read in the claasroom. I highly reccommend it.
Micah (a bradbury fan)

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