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ScreenOS Cookbook

ScreenOS Cookbook
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Written by key members of Juniper Network's ScreenOS development team, this one-of-a-kind Cookbook helps you troubleshoot secure networks that run ScreenOS firewall appliances. Scores of recipes address a wide range of security issues, provide step-by-step solutions, and include discussions of why the recipes work, so you can easily set up and keep ScreenOS systems on track. ScreenOS Cookbook gives you real-world fixes, techniques, and configurations that save time -- not hypothetical situations out of a textbook. The book comes directly from the experience of engineers who have seen and fixed every conceivable ScreenOS network topology, from small branch office firewalls to appliances for large core enterprise and government, to the heavy duty protocol driven service provider network. Its easy-to-follow format enables you to find the topic and specific recipe you need right away and match it to your network and security issue. Topics include: Configuring and managing ScreenOS firewalls NTP (Network Time Protocol) Interfaces, Zones, and Virtual Routers Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks DDNS, DNS, and DHCP IP Routing Policy-Based Routing Elements of Policies Authentication Application Layer Gateway (SIP, H323, RPC, RTSP, etc., ) Content Security Managing Firewall Policies IPSEC VPN RIP, OSPF, BGP, and NSRP Multicast -- IGPM, PIM, Static Mroutes Wireless Along with the usage and troubleshooting recipes, you will also find plenty of tricks, special considerations, ramifications, and general discussions of interesting tangents and network extrapolation. For the accurate, hard-nosed information you require to get your ScreenOS firewall network secure and operating smoothly, no bookmatches ScreenOS Cookbook.

User review
Great supplement to Juniper Docs
Things are not always explained so clearly in Juniper's Concepts and Examples documentation. This book gives you a really brief intro to the topic and dives in giving examples. Suprisingly, those brief intros have filled in a lot of the gaps or confusing parts of the Juniper docs.

This is a good book if you know Juniper well but can't remember every aspect or command or niche to ScreenOS.

Not sure it's a good intro to ScreenOS book.

User review
A great administrator guide who uses Juniper Firewall Products
Awesome book. The book covered well with the real life experience. You don't waste your time with what the OSI and IP is. The book goes to directly to the subject. Reccommended for who has at least CCNA knowledge and used to work on ScreenOS

User review
Not much more than the manual
Juniper already provides excellent technical documentation for their products. Having gone through Juniper's PDFs I expected this book to offer something new. By the time I got to chapter three I realized I'm reading the same content, just worded differently. This book offers nothing other than having a printed book instead of a PDF.

User review
An excellent ScreenOS handbook
This is well written and well organized book. It is truly written for firewall engineers. Its configuration and troubleshooting examples are very helpful to the real problems. The discussion section and tips are particular useful if you want to know the inside stories of screenOS. This book is a must have for anyone who is working in Netscreen firewall at any level.

User review
Must have for VPN and Firewall users
The writing is superb! And I love the Problem |Solution |Discussion sections of each chapter. It gives great every day problem and solution. I've been working on a large VPN project and this book is EXCELLENT from start to finish. It explains very well in details about VPN - in our case we also had integrated wireless; policy-based routing, BGP, RIP, content security (ICAP; URL filtering), NAT, QoS, VoIP (Avaya & Cisco), firewall and user authentication (802.1x). You can't get any more complicated than our VPN infrastructure - yet the book explains extremely well every aspect of those features in great details. Plus it was a very easy read! I highly recommend this book if you're serious about deploying VPN and firewalls. Great stuff.

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