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Sams Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days
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Thomas Fredell hits a home run with Teach Yourself Windows Scripting Host in 21 Days. This book tells you what you need to know to build valuable utilities with the Windows Script Host (WSH, formerly the Windows Scripting Host). He explains the WSH object model, how to write programs with it, and how to run those programs. The material on VBScript and JScript won't teach you the languages, but it provides enough information to clarify structure, syntax, and other basics for programmers who work with many languages at once.

The best parts of this book are the examples, written using an even mix of JScript and VBScript. Fredell provides explicit (and adaptable) programs that show how to use the WSH with Microsoft Office, Internet Information Server (IIS), and SQL Server, as well as for user administration tasks in Windows 98 and Windows NT 4. The book goes into great depth on the relationship between the WSH and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)--a powerful connection that's not possible to simulate with shell scripting. The inclusion of scripts that manipulate Active Directory file systems will wow Windows 2000 users (and those who plan to be). --David Wall

Topics covered: Building utilities with Windows Script Host (WSH); VBScript and JScript; and using WSH with Office, Internet Information Server (IIS), and SQL Server.

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It took me 2 Months though,,it will really teach you Sript Hosting,,per se,,. Just be patient and eager enough to learn step by step,,.

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Good starting book
I have read this books (majority of chapters) and found this books gives a good overview of the WSH. I think it is good starting book. I recommend to do a cursory read on this book and get more specialized books on specific topics.

Check also the Microsoft website for good presentation on WSH,,.

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This is a good purchase!
For a programmer who has used VB, Java, or any ASP, this book will boost your skills incredibly with a minimal learning curve. It shows the basics of the WSH objects and an overview of VBScript and JScript within the first few chapters- it is worth buying the book just for those chapters alone.

If you are not familiar yet with the concepts of OOP and looking at object models, you might need a primer found in another book before looking into WSH. It is built purely on objects that your code will refence and it can be a bear to take on unprepared.

It will be interesting to see how the .Net framework will integrate the objects in WSH- there is a significant chance that little in this book will be completely valid after Windows XP and Visual Studio .Net have become standard. Nevertheless, this book is an invaluable tool to the Windows programmer who wants to simplify life by automating as many tasks as possible.

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Great Book!
This book is a great intro to Windows Script Host. A definate must-have for scripting newbies.

Some reviewers here complain some of the scripts dont work, but that's because WSH has been updated since then. After you purchase the book, you can download the scripts from the author's website.

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Good learning tool - but you really have to want it
The biggest problem with the WSH and VBScript is that it is marketed as being a powerful but simple `macro` language. Nothing could be further from the truth. VBScript is essentially VB without the forms and graphics. VBScript is just as powerful, has the same controlling capabilities, and uses almost all the same commands and syntax as VB. To think of writing scripts for the WSH as anything less than programming is a mistake.

When I first got this book, I read a ways into it, decided I didn't have the time or energy to go on, and put it aside. Had I written a review at that point, it would not have been favorable. Then I learned more about the WSH, what it was and what my expectations should be, what a person could do with it - and I picked it back up, and really applied myself. And apply yourself you must for this book. The first 154 pages of this 600 page book teach you the syntax and structure of VBScript (and some JScript). It's a little dry, and easy to get lost in. But once you have that down, the rest of the book can really open things up and show you quite a bit.

Besides an introduction to the language, the book covers `upgrading` your old batch files, writing logon scripts for users, automating network tasks, SQL server, IIS server, as well as showing you how to use ActiveX objects for the file system, CDO, ADO (Database), etc. The book even goes so far as to touch on ADSI scripting for Windows NT and Windows 200 Active Directory.

Even though at this point in time the book is a little out-dated (written in the Windows NT 4 time), it is still a good learning tool. Not so unlike other `,,. in 21 days` books, the average person won't complete the book in that time, and you learn just as much correcting the errors in the code and doing the workshop material as you do from the actual guided lessons. If you're looking for a scripting solution that is quick and easy, WSH and VBScript isn't it, and neither is this book. If you're looking for a powerful automation tool for network and services automation, and you're willing to spend the time it will take to complete this book, then this could be the title for you.

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