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The Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture

The Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture
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In A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture, six leading experts present indispensable technical, process, and business insight into every aspect of enterprise architecture. You'll find start-to-finish guidance for architecting effective system, software, and service-oriented architectures; using product lines to streamline enterprise software design; leveraging powerful agile modeling techniques; extending the Unified Process to the full software lifecycle; architecting presentation tiers and user experience; and driving the technical direction of the entire enterprise. For every working architect and every IT professional who wants to become one.

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In support of the heading, let's take a look at presented viewpoints. There is nothing besides famous 4+1 and a slight variation on the theme.

EA leaped forward during last 5 years, leaving presented material far behind.

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A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture (James McGovern)
To Whom It May Concern,

I have purchased `A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture` for my class which has already started on the 01/05/2009, I have waited for this book because it is vital in my research, and I have yet to receive it. It is paid for, I would like to receive my book or I would like to be reimbursed, and if not, I will be very please to use other services.

Thank you for reading this email, and thank you for your time.



A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture (Coad Series)

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A very poor book on EA
About 4 pages of this book concern Zachman. The rest of the book largely avoids any enterprise architecture topic.

The confused authors, and some reviewers here, do not understand the difference between enterprise architecture and software architecture.

The title of this book mimics the very popular PDF document `A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture`, written for government EA practice. It may seem odd, but US government practice is at the forefront of EA because the organizations are huge and the IT budgets massive. Look for this PDF file on the CIO council website or This begs the question of if the authors wanted to steal from the popularity of the earlier work and take advantage of those without a deep knowledge of EA- such as most programmers.

Missing from the book are things like TOGAF, FEAF, DODAF. Also missing is the practical list of artifacts in Scott Bernard's EA3 book. Come to think of it, get Scott's book, DODAF vol 1 & 2, the PDFs at under the EA link, FEAF v 1.1 (PDF) and you will be far ahead of this confused mishmash of OO religion and EA misinformation.

I've been doing this for about 20 years, so I may be entitled to an opinion.

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The title is misleading. The book is NOT a practical guide to Enterprise Architecture
The title 'A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture' led me to expect a book that dealt with the processes, challenges and techniques for creating an ENTERPRISE architecture. It does not. The book is about various technology frameworks. The Contents lists Systems Architectures, Solution Architectures and Service Oriented Architectures but not Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture is skimmed over in the Preface. The book barely touches on Zachman and Spewak and Hill. It ignores FEAF, TEAF, TOGAF, PERA, C4ISR, the Clinger-Cohen Act and other ENTERPRISE stuff completely. Enough said. Whatever this book is, is it is NOT a practical guide to ENTERPRISE Architecture. The book may be of use to technical architects designing solution-frameworks to support an Enterprise Architecture.

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Outstanding Enterprise Architecture Book
I picked up this book today to get a some input on a pending Enterprise Architecture effort I am pursuing for a large organization. This book blows me away with a straight forward evaluation of a number of enterprise architecture approaches. It gives examples of methods to sell enterprise architectures to customer organizations. One of the greatest difficulties in enterprise architecture is communicating its value to lay people. This book does a great job of spelling things out in simple English. I am an experienced Enterprise Architect. I have been in the field for about 5 years. This book is practical and provides a number of excellent ideas for people in the trenches trying to solve true enterprise problems that span process, data, information, technology, applications/systems, and information assurance architectures. This book is a must have for practicing Enterprise Architects. This is a practical guide and not a pseudo-intellectual academic treatise. This gets 5 stars from me. Bravo!

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