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Nietzsche-worterbuch: Abbreviatur-einfach (German Edition)

Nietzsche-worterbuch: Abbreviatur-einfach (German Edition)
Paul Van Tongeren | 2005-04-30 00:00:00 | Walter de Gruyter | 763 | German
The Nietzsche Dictionary elucidates in detail some 300 terms from Nietzsche's vocabulary. The first volume presents some 65 of them. The number of occurrences is given, as are possible foci in his use of a word, word-forms and word-formation, synonyms and related words. Using numerous instances and examples, the various meanings of each word are presented, together with the components of the meaning and semantically relevant contexts for the particular word. In addition, Nietzsche's use of the word is localised in terms both of language history and the history of philosophy, and the structure of the meaning is described and elucidated by argument using results from Nietzsche research. The articles may also include a commentary on particular instances which display special difficulties, a description of the reception of the word concerned, and a bibliography.

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