Saturday, 12 March 2011

Never Go Back

Never Go Back
Robert Goddard | 2007-01-01 00:00:00 | Delta | 336 | Fiction Other
On the train to Scotland, they run into others who are going to the reunion and one of the band of brothers commits suicide while they are still on the rails and after they arrive at the Castle another of the band is killed and the police fix on Harry and an ex-business partner of his (who cheated Harry) as the main suspects. The two come to the conclusion that they have to work together to solve the mystery and while they're at it the find out what Operation Clean Sheets was all about so long ago. Turns out that experiment that they'd thought might have been a failure, maybe wasn't. Also, they learn that others in their group have perished over the years. Are they all in trouble? Will Harry get out alive?

Robert Goddard has put together a story that will have you gripping your seat. Also, you will never figure out when, where or why until Mr. Goddard wants you to. Well, there are clues, but they were so cleverly disguised that I missed them. This is one very good book.
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