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IS-IS Network Design Solutions

IS-IS Network Design Solutions
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The definitive IS-IS reference and design guide

Extensive coverage of both underlying concepts and practical applications of the IS-IS protocolDetailed explanation of how the IS-IS database works and relevant insights into the operation of the shortest path first (SPF) algorithmComprehensive tutorial on configuring and troubleshooting IS-IS on Cisco routersAdvanced information on IP network design and performance optimization strategies using IS-ISNetwork design case studies provide a practical perspective of various design strategiesComprehensive overview of routing and packet-switching mechanisms on modern routersA collection of IS-IS packet formats and analyzer decodes useful for mastering the nuts and bolts of the IS-IS protocol and troubleshooting complex problems

Interior gateway protocols such as Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) are used in conjunction with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to provide robust, resilient performance and intelligent routing capabilities required in large-scale and complex internetworking environments. Despite the popularity of the IS-IS protocol, however, networking professionals have depended on router configuration manuals, protocol specifications, IETF RFCs, and drafts. Mastering IS-IS, regardless of its simplicity, has been a daunting task for many.

IS-IS Network Design Solutions provides the first comprehensive coverage available on the IS-IS protocol. Networking professionals of all levels now have a single source for all the information needed to become true experts on the IS-IS protocol, particularly for IP routing applications. You will learn about the origins of the IS-IS protocol and the fundamental underlying concepts and then move to complex protocol mechanisms involving building, maintaining, and dissemination of the information found in the IS-IS database on a router. Subsequent discussions on IP network design issues include configuration and troubleshooting techniques, as well as case studies with practical design scenarios.

User review
IS-IS Implemenations - but not for CCIE
I purchased this book as I hoped it would enhance my knowledge for the CCIE - unfortunately I was wrong. The best part of the book are the first few chapters - Chapter 3 & 4. This is a good refresher for ISIS. But, as the book goes on, the continuity is lost. Particularly, the last few chapters on troubleshooting ISIS are of no real value. If you are one of the rare networks that uses IS-IS, you probably need this book. If you don't use IS-IS, then don't bother!

I give this book 3 pings out of 5:


User review
The book gives indepth knowledge of IS-IS in all its modes with good case studies. Case studies provide a practical perspective of various design strategies. Detailed explanation of how the IS-IS database works. Its worth reading this title.

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