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Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Biologists, Volume 88: Methods in Cell Biology

Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Biologists, Volume 88: Methods in Cell Biology
Terry D. Allen Ph.D. D.Sc. | 2008-07-01 00:00:00 | Academic Press; 1 edition | 560 | Technics
Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Biologists is ideal for the scientist who may be considering electron microscopy as a tool to extend molecular, biochemical, or light microscope observations to the next level of structural information, only available by electron microscopy. Each chapter briefly surveys the present state of structural information in a particular area, be it an individual but widely occurring molecule such as actin or collagen, together with the methods for visualization, either as an extracted and purified entity, or in situ within its biological context. Not only is this book an introduction to electron microscopy in general, but it is also useful for those within the field who wish to move to a different area of expertise, for instance an approach based on rapid freezing, rather than more conventional protocols. This should be a first choice reference for any biologist wanting to know what does it look like across the full spectrum of cell and molecular biology of life science.

*Illustrates the advantages of electron microscopy and the protocols required for fine structural visualization of individual molecules upwards, ranging from mammalian tissues to experimental organisms.
*Comprehensive chapters cover both structural information on each area as well as the protocols themselves
*Includes methods covering specific labeling, as well as methods for quantification and three dimensional reconstruction from molecular to tissue levels.
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