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Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer Analysis

Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer Analysis
P. H. Oosthuizen,David Naylor | 1998-08-28 00:00:00 | William C Brown Pub | 624 | Engineering
A student-oriented approach in which basic ideas and assumptions are stressed and discussed in detail and full developments of all important analyses are provided. The book contains many worked examples that illustrate the methods of analysis discussed. The book also contains a comprehensive set of problems and a Solutions Manual, written by the text authors.
I purchased 3 convective heat transfer books from Amazon on behalf of my company - including this book. IMHO the other two were duds, but this one is pretty good. I myself own 3 other similar books and I can think of only one other (Bejan) that is as useful.

This a textbook for college students, but it is a nice reference as well.

I like that it mixes theory with some computational methods (finite difference), because after all, theory is critical to understanding but in many cases we will compute the results. This not really a book for learning CFD, but the numerical results are a nice complement to the theory - and extend the discussion to geometries without closed form solutions.

For those interested, the authors offer the Fortran source from a website for several programs referenced in the book.

The book is sensibly organized by classes of flows, internal & external for laminar, turbulent and natural convection. Plus porous media and condensation. I particularily like the chapter on natural convection inside of enclosures.

There are several really good analyses and scale arguments developed in this book, a lot of solutions to NSE's for many real situations.

Overall I'd say it is really a good introduction for someone who wants to do more than look up a few formulae.

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