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Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
Alick Bartholomew | 2005-11-25 00:00:00 | Adventures Unlimited Press | 288 | Conservation
Viktor Schauberger, 1885-1958, was a radical pioneer of the study of the subtle energies in nature and the importance of living water in all natural processes. From unusually detailed observations of the natural world, he pioneered a completely new understanding of how nature works. He foresaw, and tried to warn against global waste and costly ecologial destruction of our age. Here are his insights in contemporary, accessible language.

His amazing discoveries--which address sick water, ailing forests, climate change and, above all, renewable energy--have dramatic implications for how we need to work with nature and its resources. Protesting the harmful effects of modern technology, Schauberger applied his theories to create prototypes for pollution-free energy machines.
An absolute must read to understand the power of nature and water in particular.

Water is my main focus for staying healthy and finally found a revolutionary device that is creating high energy living water for me on the basis of Victor Schauberger's incredible insights way ahead of our time.
With no formal training in the sciences, Schauberger made a "spiritual" connection with Nature. He understood that the Universe is not complex, and the Laws of Nature are actually very simple, since the highest wisdom passes directly from the brain into the heart.

This allowed him to understand how human interaction is destroying Nature, and how balance could and should be maintained so everything would flourish. "Highly ordered systems lose stability when their environment suffers deterioration." He predicted that a decrease in biodiversity in nature would lead to an increase in violence and a degeneration of spiritual qualities in humans. He also predicted how deforestation would lead to more violent weather worldwide. I think we've proven these predictions as accurate, and they were made before Al Gore was even born.

But, like other visionaries who challenged the establishment, Viktor posed a threat to those who benefitted from the status quo. From their perspective Nature exits to be manipulated and exploited for the "benefit" of humanity. There is no accountability.

The book is divided into sections dealing with water, trees and energy. Some of this gets moderately complex, but understanding the exact workings of how a tree pumps sap based on temperature gradient is not necessary to comprehending the basis of balance in Nature. The most fascinating discussion involved water, and the fact that it is a living entity.
You will have a very comprehensive view of how the world works after reading this book. Amazing amount of information in this book.
Lo primero que me impresionó al tener este libro en mis manos, fue la hermosa imágen de tapa y la calidad del conjunto.

El libro en sí es una introducción a la manera de ver el mundo según Viktor Schauberger, pero narrado de una manera muy entendible, con un lenguaje muy claro y correcto, sin ahondar en complejidades innecesarias para un libro que es introductorio. Los temas que toca, siempre alrededor del agua, sus características y la importantísima relación de ésta con el mundo y con nosotros mismos.

Es realmente esclarecedor, inspirador e informativo. Para quienes no tienen en claro quién fué Viktor Schauberger, creo que esta es la pieza de texto indicada para empezar. Nos hace reflexionar a cerca del cuidado que debemos tener en relación al medioambiente en general y al agua en particular, y nos propone un cambio radical de nuestra conciencia para cooperar con nuestro planeta.
I wish I would have discovered this book forty years ago (& 37 years before it was printed)- I do this New Age, holistic, alternative lifestyle stuff for a living & this book is far beyond anything I've ever encountered.

How anyone can start out daydreaming on a riverbank & end up inventing a flying saucer travelling 1500 miles per hour with antigravity properties that broke through the roof of its manufacturing plant.

And speaking of plants, Viktor's tree realizations and H2O's role on Earth is so different than anything ever conceived.

And speaking of conceived, it is very straightforward to conclude that if Germany would have discovered Viktor Schauberger's gadgets sooner, Germany would have been viktorious in World War II.

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