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Frommer's London 2007 (Frommer's Complete)

Frommer's London 2007 (Frommer's Complete)
Darwin Porter,Danforth Prince | 2006-08-28 00:00:00 | Frommer's | 384 | England
Frommer's London 2007 is the only guide you'll need to plan the perfect trip to London. We'll show you the city's best, including the world-class theaters and pub scene. You'll get insider tips on shopping on Oxford Street, enjoying an afternoon tea at the Ritz, rowing on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, and dining on pheasant at Rules, possibly the city's oldest restaurant.

You'll find candid reviews of a huge selection of accommodations in all price ranges, from chic boutique hotels to homey B&Bs. It's all accompanied by dozens of color maps, the latest trip-planning advice on everything from bargain airfares to rail passes, money-saving tips, and a complete shopper's guide. You'll even get a free color fold-out map and an online directory that makes trip-planning a snap!
This book was just almost useless to me-Rick Steves' London book is WAY WAY much better. WIll never buy Froomer's books again-only used it to thumb through. Our trip to Paris and London was wonderful , but not by these books.
Although I haven't read it cover-to-cover, this looks very useful. My son is spending the spring semester at a university near London and this was a gift for him.
I bought this book, along with several others, for a trip I took to London with my husband and 13 year old daughter. We already had a hotel so we didn't use that section, but we found it to be a great reference book for almost anything we needed quick information on. Museums, places to visit, train and subway information, the proper amount to tip, it was all in there. Definitely worth the investment.
This is an excellent resource for anyone planning to visit London. It made our trip enjoyable, saved us money, and equipped us with information that helped us navigate London easily. It contains information on everything from "must see" attractions, to tips on exchanging money. My husband and I were able to prioritize our schedules and take advantage of special deal unknown to travelers. The topics are nicely organized with clear and accurate information. We will not travel again without a Frommer's guide.

The only two tips we picked-up that were not in the guide were:

1. Shop at Tesco for your food - This is were all the locals shop so you will not pay tourist prices. Our hotel was selling us a 1/2 liter bottle of water for $12 US dollars. We went to Tesco and paid .60 cents for 2 liters.

2. Look into dot2dot - Hotel transportation can be expensive. A cab ride can cost $100-150 US dollars. The guide tells you about the underground, which comes out to about $15.00, but if you take dot2dot and share a ride you can get a round trip ticket for $66.00. This is great if you have heavy luggage and do not want to drag it around on the underground.

I hope this helps. Enjoy!

There is an intimidating array of travel guide options when one is planning a trip, especially if you're going to as common a destination as London! I checked out everything available (and up-to-date, because these guides do change annually, in many cases!) from my library. I was drawn to Frommer's 2008 for several reasons:

1. Readability. The information was conveyed in such a way that I didn't at all feel intimidated by how many choices I had. There is a good balance in the amount and kind of information given in the reviews of attractions, pubs, hotels, etc., and I was able to quickly figure out whether I wanted to add a site on my itinerary or not.

2. Organization. There is a lot of easy, helpful information about traveling to London (including packing for your trip) in the beginning of the guide. This is followed by "top ten" lists for various attractions (pubs, sites, etc.), and then a really handy series of itineraries for "Seeing London" in "a day," "two days," or "three." The city is divided into various neighborhoods, and so it is very easy to find places to stay, restaurants, and attractions no matter where you find yourself. I found this feature especially useful when organizing my itinerary.

3. Usefulness. Reviews are honest and upfront about things you really want to know - from the bathroom sizes in boutique hotels, to whether you want to go for a restaurant's signature steak-and-kidney pie. Each region has a list of hotels and restaurants that cater to a range of budgets, from very expensive to options for the budget traveler. Frommer's also includes an excellent symbol system, including one for "over-rated attractions" and an "insider's alert" for unique finds that you might not see in other guides. There is also a handy map of the London Underground lines, and a tourist-friendly city map tucked in the back of the guide.

I looked at a few different guides to try and supplement my travel plans, but honestly, the only book I'll be bringing will be the Frommer's 2008 guide. Lonely Planet London would be useful as a supplement for those interested in more cultural information, or a perspective for the alternative lifestyle (gay and lesbian, vegetarian). My only complaint is that while there are low-cost hotels listed, cheaper options like hostels are not covered, so students and shoestring budget travelers may need to resort to the internet for help in that regard. Ultimately, I was very pleased with this guide both for its helpfulness in preparing for my trip, and its suitability as a pocket guide when I'm in London.

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