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Fixing Windows XP Annoyances : How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About the Windows OS (Annoyances)

Fixing Windows XP Annoyances : How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About the Windows OS (Annoyances)
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Microsoft Windows XP may be the latest in a popular family of operating systems, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. However, the designers of Windows XP have built enough flexibility into their product and provided users with a sufficiently large toolkit to overcome most shortcomings. In Windows XP Annoyances David Karp reveals his ideas about how to use Windows XP most effectively, for maximum fun and productivity and as little aggravation as possible. If you're comfortable working with Windows XP (or any of its recent predecessors) but find certain aspects of it, well, annoying, you'll find this book to your liking. Karp guides his readers through potentially risky procedures, such as editing the Registry and adjusting hardware device drivers, with skill and precision.

The author's tone is to the point and professional without being dry, without any of the phony, forced humor that appears in a lot of operating-system books. Though he inexplicably ignores the Windows XP Power Toys--some very handy utilities you can get from Microsoft's Web site--he does a great job of handling important questions. Case in point, the important issue of which files can be deleted to free up disk space, and which you shouldn't touch even though they look like pointless garbage. Similarly useful attention goes to the question of which background processes can be safely halted, and which are important. There's fine coverage of scripting with the Windows Script Host (WSH), as well. --David Wall

Topics covered: How to get the most out of Windows XP, even when it appears that the operating system is working against you. Troubleshooting techniques, hardware advice, Registry hacking, interface customization, and advanced networking subjects all find a place in this book.

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extremely useful
I do think this book is one you need after you have learned how to compute. I found it very useful and informative even after 10 years of computing. I'm only about one quarter thru the book but have done a lot of their suggestions and found them to be very useful. Worth buying.

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Not the clearest sometimes, but,,.
While some of the content wasn't easy to implement, I got quite a bit of use out of it. I tend to go back to it from time to time, even.

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Why does XP need so much fixing?
There are many things about Windows `professional` that isn't. It has puppy dogs and talking paper clips. All files gravitate towards `My Documents` and `My Pictures` and often the only way to get to `My Engineering Files` is to click first the desktop icon, then `My Computer` icon, then the drive letter,,. I want the operating system to get out of my way and let me work. And yet Windows is notorious for putting all sorts of settings in obscure locations that are the last place you might look for them. Hence there are so many utilities for configuring your system the way you want it. Unfortunately, these utilities just do it without telling you how it is done.

This book directly addresses most of these annoying features and explains how (and why) to fix them. In so doing it provides a great deal of insight into the MS mentality. There are of course other annoyances not covered in the book, but I now have a much better idea where to look for them.

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Fixing Windows XP Annoyances
Purchasing this book was a mistake. I expected something similar to

`Windows 98 Annoyances` by the same author. There was no chapter on the Registry, and little or no information about the Registry.

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Lots of great tips all in one place
Why buy a book on Windows XP with VISTA coming soon? Unless forced to, I am sticking with XP and not going to VISTA. After several years of use, I finally have XP working the way I want. I have spent many hours tweaking my system for improved security and efficiency. Even so, this book which I bought in November 2006 has hundreds of tips I would not have discovered on my own. Nearly all of the tips are useful to the power user. The advice is solid and much easier to access than the Windows Knowledge Base or even searching the net. Plus the book is not biased by the MS party line. The book should be titled `How to get the most out of Windows XP`. Based on my experience, this book is definitely a best-buy recommendation.

While I am ranting, I should add that I bought this book after the napster cat appeared in my version of Windows Media Player. It was either there all along, and I never noticed it, or it showed up after one of the ubiquitous MS updates. I am a business user and not interested in outline content stores. In fact, the cat is embarassing to me when I use media player in presentations. I resent the fact that MS would build this commercialism into Media Player without an easy option to eliminate it for those of us who do not wish to be solicited. I also resent the fact that MS uses OS updates to change my settings in favor of their own products.

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