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Excel Charts

Excel Charts
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* One of the world's best-known Excel experts shows how to master the charting features in Excel 2000 and 2002 to create compelling graphic representations of data
* Covers basic and advanced features, focusing on the new charting featuresprovided in version 2002
* Explains how to select charts for different categories of data, modify data in a chart, deal with missing data, format charts, customize shapes, and give charts a professional look

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Outstanding a Real Peach for Excel users!
This is an outstanding book, it's an easy study format, some repetition but far from the novel format found in other books and it touches' on all the core principles required for good spreadsheet design.

I was hoping that walkenbach would resolve some of the worse convoluted excel specific issues like pivot tables and copy paste bugs but some things are simply never going to be fixed.

The books provides a real core foundation to formulas, structure, and logic required by anyone who is a novice and/or professional, the information is laid out very well and the structure makes referring to this book a joy.

It is in my opinion the BEST Excel 2003 book I have ever had; it also covers some old structures that Excel brought over from Lotus!

I own two copies!, I know the first one is getting ragged already from use so I am prepared, if I sale snatch it up!, its good reads,,.


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Very useful and easy to follow
I liked this book a lot. The instructions are very easy to read as are all of Mr. Walkenbach's books. I own a few and I like them very much.

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Stuff I Never Knew
I've been using Excel to create charts for 20 years and thought I knew a lot about creating and modifying charts. I'm only on Chapter 4 and I've already learned a handful of very helpful hints and tips -- and this is just the chapters that cover the basics. I was planning to skip those chapters because I thought they wouldn't cover anything new. Instead I'm glad I didn't as there are a number of shortcuts I would have never known about. There are great examples and the CD lets you try out the options as they are discussed in the book.

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Lack of explanation and missing chapters on CD
1. There isn't rational division of subjects,

the author do not separate the fields of knowledge as

between scientific, commercial, and so on.

2. There isn't step by step method to build the charts

3. There isn't chapters 11,13 and 14 in the CD that comes with the book.

Lack of organization, lack of methodology, and missing parts.

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Excel Charts
An excellent reference book for those serious about getting the most out of Excel.

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