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Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop

Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop
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For architects who seek better ways to communicate their vision, here is the first book that explains how to transform CAD drawings into beautiful presentational pieces using Photoshop. First you'll learn the basic Photoshop skills, then find out how to add real-world textures (i.e. granite countertops), include `entourage` (i.e. trees and people), create realistic lighting effects and reflections, and even develop mood using antique or painterly effects. All discussions are reinforced by real-world tutorials and apply to any CAD program that outputs the.dwg file format. The CD features a Photoshop demo, sample scripts, utilities, and tutorial videos. The 16-page color insert highlights inspirational before-and-after images.

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Enhancing CAD drawings with Photoshop
Scott Onstott has a wealth of experience in architectural graphics and with many related 2D and 3D software. In this book he offers practical advice to enhance plans, elevations, etc. from CAD software such as Autocad using Photoshop techniques.

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I'm a little disappointed with this book. I got it as an architecture student looking for some inspiration and helpful tips on producing better drawings. Unfortunately, this book focuses more on technical aspects than graphic ideas. Only a few pages are in color, and there's even a section on tweaking image color that uses black and white images as examples(!). It covers a lot of things I already know about photoshop and provides lots of useless information that won't actually enhance my work.

Many of the examples aren't 'Architectural' and come off as cheesy, I'd be ashamed to pin some of them up. This is not 'Architecture' with a capitol A, this is the kind of stuff I'd expect to see at the open house for a cheap cookie cutter housing development. In fact, I'd consider many of the 'enhanced' plans to be inferior to the original CAD drawings. Lastly, Adobe Illustrator should really be included. Its a crucial link between AutoCAD and Photoshop and this book ignores it. I'll use this thing as a reference periodically when I'm in need of technical assistance, but I wouldn't recommend it. When you already know what you want your drawings to look like this book could help you with the software, but it will not teach you how to produce good work!

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Excellent Resource
I'm teaching a course on Architectural Digital Illustration and found this book to be an excellent text book material.

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Useful, but ,,.
First of all, if your life involves CAD and Photoshop, you should probably buy this book: It's very useful. Part of the reason it's useful is because there are not a lot books on this subject.

One of the greatest features about this book is its greatest flaw: the enclosed LISP program that turns AutoCad layers into Photoshop layers. What promise that has! It works great with the tiny 8.5 x11 drawings on the enclosed disc. But when you try to use that with a real drawing, say in 36` by 24` format, the drawing crashes.

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Great tips
I thought I knew Photoshop but I was wrong. I borrowed this book from the library but it was so good I decided to buy it.

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