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English for Science

English for Science
Fran Zimmerman | 1989-01-01 00:00:00 | Prentice Hall | 186 | English
Designed for academically oriented students to provide language skill practice needed for effective participation in basic science course.

Each chapter begins by introducing the rhetorical function, relating it to the scientific method, and presenting it in a short reading. The six main sections: Introduction, Using English to... (Classify, compare, and so on), Reading Skills, Listening Skills, Discussion Points and Writing Skill.)

Introduction to the Scientific Method
1. Classifying: The Composition of Matter.
2. Comparing: The Elements.
3. Cause and Effect: Color, Light, and Sound.
4. Hypothesizing: Motion and Gravity.
5. Defining: Energy.
6. Exemplifying: Heat.
7. Giving Evidence: Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol.
8. Experimenting: Electricity and Magnetism.
9. Calculating: Liquids and Gases.
10. Reporting: The Origin of Life.
11. Describing: The Universe.
12. Predicting: The Weather.
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