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C++ Network Programming, Vol. 1: Mastering Complexity with ACE and Patterns

C++ Network Programming, Vol. 1: Mastering Complexity with ACE and Patterns
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Provides practical solutions for developing and optimizing complex distributed systems using the ACE, a revolutionary open-source framework that runs on dozens of hardware platforms and operating systems. Guides software professionals through the traps and pitfalls of developing efficient, portable, and flexible networked applications. Softcover.

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Chapters can be organized better
This book provided a decent introduction to ACE. However, language is little terse and presentation is not as good as ACE Programmer's book. I most liked the boxed explanations in the book, this style should have been all over the book.

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Above a C+
My husband needed this to further his knowledge at work. Was worth the price and easy to understand for him, anyway

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Not sure who this book is aimed at
The blurb for this book calls it authoritative. And it is authoritative in the sense that it is written by the people behind ACE. But it is not authoritative in the sense that it isn't a complete reference.

As somebody who has written native code for handling Sockets, process management, threading etc on various platforms, then over time integrated OO and patterns to make it easier to use (including across platforms), and slowly worked my way towards what I consider a definitive way of doing things, I find reading this book interesting in that it's like a tick list to which I can go `yeap, I found that too` with just the odd `ooh, actually I would do that differently in this specific situation, but for the general case yes that's how I do it too`. So, for me this book is interesting now, but if I was new to ACE (I'm not) or new to the underlying platform APIs I am not so sure how interesting I would find it. It gives more of a taster of what ACE can do than providing a complete tutorial. It gives more of a justification of why ACE does things the way it does rather than provide a complete reference. So, interesting for me now, but I'm really not sure who the book is aimed at. It could be used as one step of a tutorial, giving familiarity of what ACE can do, if not enough detail to really do serious stuff. It could be used to persuade people that it's usually better to use ACE than invest time and money re-inventing the wheel,,. Otherwise, I just don't know,,.

Is ACE worth using? Most of the time, yes. If you need a book about ACE then this is probably the place to start, but online is the place to find the detailed information that you will need when using it.

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2nd volume C++ network programming architecture
The 2nd volume is a complement to the first.The 1st one talks for portable source code and wrapper classes. The second one concentrates on deisgn patterns & all issues in C++ network programming architecture .

Again i say dont reinvent the wheel , give ACE a look.

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Excellent reading for any network programmer
This is an excellent reading for any network programmer. More than ACE itself the concepts covered are of a great value. I am a beginner to intermediate network programmer, but an experienced programmer otherwise, and found this to be an extremely valuable resource in terms tackling large application frameworks from the ground up. The concepts are precise upto the point but extremely easy to read and digest. Of course, the book is assuming that you know quite a bit of every thing else that is not covered here. There are quite a bit of things that are totally missing or not correct based on the OS and the advances in Posix threading. Nevertheless this is an excellent source for any network programmer.

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