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Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Applications with Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer Express: From Novice to Professional

Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Applications with Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer Express: From Novice to Professional
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SQL Server 2005 Express is the database component of Microsoft's Express Suite of products. It is free of charge, inherits many (nonenterprise) features from SQL Server 2005, and comes complete with development and administration tools. As such, it is an ideal database for developers and administrators to use in prototype/evaluation projects. It is also a powerful development platform for database applications on nonprofit websites, e-commerce sites, and in small offices and departments.

Author Rick Dobson provides all of the installation, configuration, administration, and development techniques that you need to build applications quickly. He focuses on techniques that are easy to learn and transparent in their real-world translations. Topics include Express Manager and T-SQL programming, and Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer, both with SSE, to build Windows Forms applications and to develop ASP.NET web applications.

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SQL Server Express
WOW, I practically stole this book. What a deal. For a used book it is in brand new condition! The information is a little heavier then I anticipated but the spoon feeding goes down easy enough. I am almost finished with my first read through but a second will surely be needed.

The ordering, shipping and condition of the book were well beyond my expectations.

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Great tool!
I don't know where to begin with this book. It is such an awesome resource. Although you can get a lot of user documentation online, this book does an excellent job at helping someone new to setting everything up to really understand all of the technical jargon. The examples and explanations for Visual Web Developer and VB are great. However, I wouldn't say this book is completely for the novice, unless you are defining novice as someone proficient in VB programming and web design. And I don't know how useful this will be to an expert either. It's really great for a middle-of-the-road skill-set.

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Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express
So far, I like the way the book is layed out. I'm still going through it, and satisfied with results.

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Well Crafted, Easy to Follow, In-Depth Insight
Nowadays, it is all too common for someone with a competing interest to dis a book in the hopes of steering others away. After reading several of the negative reviews for this book, I was worried that might be happening here.

When I checked out this book in a bookstore and compared it with four others on SQL Express 2005, I found this one to be a superior presentation of the subject. It is cogent and will written, and provides analysis that goes well beyond the beginning level. The overall presentation is well crafted and easy to follow.

The type-face is small, but that just means that you get more for your money, as there is a lot of meat on these pages. The author addressed my issues supprisingly well. The insights he gave show that he has considerable experience with the subject and has thought carefully about how to present it. I highly recommend this book if you really want to understand the subject matter.

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Nice Intro Book To SQL Server 2005
'Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Applications with Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer Express: From Novice to Professional' by Rick Dobson is a very nice learning tool for beginners who want to learn how to use SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual Basic Express to create database/client apps that will get the job done and done well. With ~600 page of material, the author leads you through the basics of what SQL Server 2005 and Visual Basic is and the power that these APIs have at your disposal. You'll go from a simple app and database to learning how to build these up in a logical, fun way.

If you are new to these technologies and want to learn, I feel that this is a great resource to use to flood your brain with new information. For those that complain this book isn't too good, it's not meant to be a book for uber programmers but newbies. I think if you want to learn, you ought to give this a try!


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