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Battling Resistance to Antibiotics and Pesticides: An Economic Approach

Battling Resistance to Antibiotics and Pesticides: An Economic Approach
Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan | 2002-12-26 00:00:00 | RFF Press | 400 | Economics
The increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, and pests to pesticides, threatens to undo some of the most remarkable advances made in public health and agriculture during the past century. Though the potential consequences of increased antibiotic and pesticide resistance are far reaching, regulatory efforts to address the problem are at a very early stage. Battling Resistance to Antibiotics and Pesticides moves discussions forward by presenting cutting edge research and the first comprehensive application of economic tools to analyze how antibiotics and pesticides should be used to maximize their value to society. Laxminarayan and his contributors explore lessons from past experiences with resistance, especially in agriculture. They consider what incentives would be ideal for the individuals who prescribe or apply antibiotics and pesticides, and what would be ideal for the firms engaged in developing and producing these products.

The chapters in this groundbreaking book reflect the fact that efforts to combat resistance will require contributions from a broad range of scholars and professionals, representing a broad range of expertise. The analysis in Battling Resistance demonstrates that, for all these participants, an understanding of economic issues is an essential complement to a knowledge of medical or biological factors.

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